About me

Hey, my name is Jan Ranostaj I’m 39 years old husband, father and passionate to help clients to grove their online presence. 

I live in Slovakia close to Bratislava capital city, with my wife and 8 years old little sweetie daughter in our family house.

Jan Ranostaj - Digital Craft


A short story on how I started

In 2004 I was asked by the University professor to help them out with a simple website for their upcoming conference.

I had no idea what it was required to build a website at that time, but indeed I committed!

Not sure if you remember these early “web development” days – tables based layouts, inline styles, lack of information, hard to find some good tutorials, lots of uncertainties etc.

That was the first time I felt that anything you are committed to you can accomplish! 

Not long after in 2006 I’ve got my first job in IBM to build simple websites using HTML and JavaScript.

I was not satisfied with that type of job at all, I saw I was killing my potential. So I and one of my co-worker established our first company providing web development and graphics design services while still employed in IBM.

After a couple of years, we had well-running web design company which gave me a great opportunity to develop my skills not only as a developer but as a consultant as well.

After more than 10 years of experiences, I decided to invest in my own freelance service based business to serve a very specific type of services where I believe I can provide more value, so my clients will benefit from.

Are you asking why me?

I am a very passionate person with a lot of ideas in me. I really do like to help clients to start and grow their online business.

I also like to educate and contribute to other popular websites. Here are some of my popular technical articles where I tried to explain specific concepts:

I’m using my technical background to offer SEO and WordPress development services with a focus to increase websites traffic and leads by optimizing websites in terms of technical, content and architecture strategy. There is a lot of noise on the internet and everyone is trying hard to get the attention so it is important to have your website perfectly optimized and flawless as a solid foundation.

My Skills

Being a freelancer requires you to have a bunch of skills in your pocket but only a few make a difference.

WordPress Theme Development
WordPress Plugin Development
Search Engine Optimisation
Creating Landing Pages

What can I help you with today?

Got a question? Just shoot me an email and I’ll come back to you.

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